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The Importance of Dog Tags

If you are a dog owner, you need to know that your dog may escape from your compound one day. Sometimes the kids, you, or any other person might forget locking the gate, and your dog can use this opportunity to leave the compound. Your dog can also dig a hole near the fence or jump over it to escape in some cases.

Putting an identification tag on your dog is perhaps the only way your dog can be returned to you. When a neighbor or a stranger finally finds your dog, they will fast check for pet identification.

Here are the top reasons why your dog should have an ID tag on it:

Keeps your Dog Safe

a dog with a tag to make it saferA dog ID tag without your contact information serves no purpose at all other than beauty. You need to engrave your phone number or address on the ID tag so that a neighbor, animal control, or anybody else who finds your dog to return it to you quickly.

You can go ahead and add the dog’s name on the ID tag so that it can be comforted when found. Without an ID tag on your dog, if lost and found by a different person, it can be sent to a dog shelter, which can traumatize the dog.

Licensing Purposes

Some states have regulations that require you to register your dog with the city where you live. This is to make vaccination of the dogs easier for county medical officials. It also keeps the dog owner updated with the dog’s healthcare needs and, at the same time helping animal control officers easily identify your pet when found straying.
Some states distribute dog ID tags containing license information and information about vaccines. You can also make a unique dog ID tag for your dog with all this information but more durable and beautiful.

The Health of the Dog

Just like humans, dogs can also have health problems. It can be an allergy, a medication they usually require, or other issues like deafness or blindness. If your dog has any of these issues, it is a good idea to put an ID tag on it and mention the problems. This makes it easier for anyone interacting with the dog to know that there is an issue about the dog they should be aware of.

Since your dog can get lost at any time, it is good to be prepared or you’ll regret later. And having a tag on it can help to prepare for such.

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