strong magnet

Magnets are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from simple use in devices to specific industrial purposes. These are objects that usually generate a magnetic field that can pull or repel several objects. There are different types of magnets you will come across made of various elements. They are usually classified depending on their composition and source of magnetism. Permanent and temporary magnets are the most common types.

ring magnetPermanent magnets are items that retain their magnetism when magnetized while temporary ones do not. Electromagnets are other types that usually get magnetized in the presence of electric currents. Magnets are used for several industrial applications. A perfect example is magnet sweepers that help in clearing bits of waste material.

Food manufacturers also use magnets to get rid of small particles of iron from food. Several appliances also use magnets. An example is electric motors which utilize electricity and magnetic fields to generate forces. A high number of electronic devices use electricity to create force use magnets. Getting the right type of magnet for your applications is essential. Here is what to consider when selecting one.

Temperature Range

It would be best if you considered the temperature range the magnet you plan to buy can withstand. You will come across some that work perfectly in high temperatures and others that cannot withstand excessive heat. Look for a magnet type that works perfectly in the different temperature conditions you plan to use.


The strength of the magnet you plan to buy is another thing to consider. There are some with stronger magnetic forces compared to others. They are the best for lifting heavy items like port containers. Your type of application will guide you in choosing a magnet with the right strength.


The size of the magnet you plan to buy is another essential factor to consider. This can be perfectly determined by the place you intend to use it. There are certain sizes of magnets that work perfectly in specific areas. You should look for one that will give you a smooth time as you carry out different activities.

Magnet Material

You should also pay attention to the kind of magnet material in use. Common materials used include Neodymium (Nd Fe B), Alnico (AlNiCo – aluminum, nickel, cobalt), Ceramic (strontium ferrite), and Samarium Cobalt (Sm Co). Choose one that will work correctly for your kind of application.