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5 Factors to Think about When Buying Outdoor Furniture

Furniture is known to be an integral part of every home. This explains why homeowners look for pieces, which exist for many years. This is the same case when it comes to buying outdoor furniture. Getting the right pieces is quite challenging. However, there are times when climate or weather is not favorable, and pieces you buy ought to withstand such harsh elements.

Ensure that your patio decor offers more than just being attractive. It should withstand harsh weather and provide a good value for your hard-earned cash. In fact, after some time, your furniture will break down, and you will have to hire furniture removal Adelaide. But before that, below are the most important factors when selecting outdoor furniture for your patio or garden.

Fabric Types

outdoor sofasYou cannot just take a pillow from the bedroom and assume it will adapt to life outdoors. The majority of textiles are meant for indoor/outdoor use and are made from all-weather quality materials, which repel water. They can also encourage moisture to escape quickly since they are porous. Ensure you choose fabrics that are UV protected and fade resistant. They will feel soft, comfortable, and look nice.


Garden furniture can look very attractive. However, it may have some glaring flaws, which are likely to lead to some problems. If you are purchasing metal pieces, check them using a magnet. For instance, aluminum is non-magnet, while steel is. This will help you to distinguish between the two. However, stainless steel and aluminum do not rust, while steel rusts. You need to check legs to ensure they are sturdy and solid.

Plush and Lush

Comfort is quite important. For instance, you may be thrilled by the idea of having wood or steel construction for your garden for longevity and stability, but it may not come with homey comforts such as soft, plush cushions. Such furniture may become unused.

Discounts and Special Offers

Every person loves a discount and such seasonal items can vary greatly in price. The best times to purchase start in late August to the end of the year. It is advisable to purchase online because of fair prices. You are also free to ask for a discount.


You must insist on high-quality furniture. Some flaws you can check include amateurish paint finishes, cracked casters, and poor welds. Whatever you use outside ought to be good quality and excellent durability. This is because it will withstand sun exposure, rain, wind, and even manhandling. Thus, inspect each piece for flaws. In this case, a high price may be an indicator of great quality.

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