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Notes from the Mid-Apocalypse

February 23, 2014

Tags: Review

A new review of Our Lady of the Ruins by Maya Catherine Popa is up on Kenyon Review Online .

What Ghosts Know

May 23, 2013

Tags: Review

Melissa Crowe wrote a beautiful and moving review of Our Lady for Beloit Poetry Journal, saying "...I am one of Brimhall's bewildered, complicit, dogged, desiring pilgrims, and that the world she depicts is this one, mine." Thank you, Melissa.

The Last Book I Loved

February 16, 2013

Tags: Review

I wrote about my first encounter with the work of Allison Benis White over on The Rumpus. Her new book will be out in a couple of months, and I can't wait to get my hands on it again.


January 3, 2013

Tags: Review

I'm honored to be among Kevin Young's choices for Five Poets with Punch on NPR. The other poets are Natasha Tretheway, D.A. Powell, Matthew Dickman, and Dean Young.

Sin Might Be a Kind of Grace

September 16, 2012

Tags: Review

Lindsay Miller at Muzzle Magazine recently reviewed Our Lady. Here's a peek at what she had to say: "The thrum of unfulfilled need is palpable...settling into the body as something familiar, like a hunger so old it becomes another organ."

a 'sweet' love letter

September 11, 2012

Tags: Review

Ryan Bollenbach over at Sweet wrote me a really nice love letter. Reviews are nice, but a love letter? I'm going to fold it up and pin it inside my shirt.

Summer Reads

September 2, 2012

Tags: Review

New review of Rookery up at Flyway.

a bible of the damned

August 4, 2012

Tags: Review

A new review of Our Lady came out recently in TROP by A. Kay Emmert. Here's a preview of the review: "Brimhall’s book is a kind of bible-in-the-making, a bible of the damned and of the saved begging to be damned."

new city lit

June 6, 2012

Tags: Review

A new review of Our Lady of the Ruins by Wesley Rothman is up on New City Lit. A sneak peek: "It is beautiful darkness, persistently frightening and wired with faint belief."

washington independent review of books

May 27, 2012

Tags: Review

Grace Cavalieri included Our Lady of the Ruins along with books by Mark Strand, Jonathan Galassi, Campbell McGrath, and Vladimir Nabokov in her May Exemplars round up over at Washington Independent Review of Books. Thanks, Grace!

voices on the verge

April 4, 2012

Tags: Review

Library Journal listed Our Lady in their "Voices on the Verge: 14 New Poets for National Poetry Month" feature.

on the seawall

April 4, 2012

Tags: Review

The good news abounds! The fabulous Chloe Honum reviewed Our Lady on Ron Slate's blog On the Seawall for National Poetry Month.

the rumpus

March 15, 2012

Tags: Review

Nick Ripatrazone wrote a beautiful review of Our Lady over at The Rumpus. There's also a link to a new poem at the bottom.


February 28, 2012

Tags: Review

I just saw an advanced copy of a review that will appear in Booklist on March 15th. Here's a sneak peek: "Readers who appreciate haunting, philosophical questioning will savor Our Lady of the Ruins."

Publisher's Weekly

January 26, 2012

Tags: Review

An early review for Our Lady of the Ruins just came out in Publisher's Weekly that describes the poems as "part Dylan Thomas, part saint's legend and part Tolkien." That's right, Tolkien. Thank you PW!


January 24, 2012

Tags: Review

Kyle McCord mentioned on Facebook that a new review of Rookery is in the new issues of Pleiades. Thanks, Kyle!


December 23, 2011

Tags: Review

Three poems from the forthcoming book and a review of Rookery by Sandra Beasley are up on Blackbird.

buried letter press

December 15, 2011

Tags: Review

A new review of Rookery came out today from Buried Letter Press. I was really grateful for Dawn Manning's generosity and clear insights into the poems.

the church of poetry

June 6, 2011

Tags: Review

I was really honored and humbled to read Tracy K. Smith's beautiful words about Rookery on the Best American Poetry blog. I'm incredibly grateful.

"This book adds to the canon at the core of the Church of Poetry."

Splitting the lark

May 4, 2011

Tags: Review

The Rumpus also published a review of Rookery today written by the wonderful Nick Lantz. You can read it here.

New Review

May 2, 2011

Tags: Review

New review by Christopher Leibow available up at Sugar House Review.

"This is a lyrical, surreal and palpable first collection."

At the Top of April Poetry

April 26, 2011

Tags: Review

A new review of Rookery is up at Cleveland's The Plain Dealer.

"The world of Brimhall's impressive first book is populated with terrifying angels, creatures beautiful and barbaric."

Myself the only kangaroo

April 12, 2011

Tags: Review

Sandy Longhorn said some amazingly kind things about Rookery over on her blog "Myself the Only Kangaroo Among the Beauty." You should check out what she has to say, but also subscribe to her blog.


March 31, 2011

Tags: Review

Rookery has received its first official review at Coldfront.

"It is as if Brimhall understands impassioned devotion and wishes to worship, instead, the simple, the overlooked, the soon to depart but eternally real."

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